Here are the links to a number of Hilary's articles

The DfE's deaf to qualified voices on school funding

New £2.3m 'cost-saving' scheme will see schools stripped to the bone, writes one school finance director

The SBL voice is now being welcomed

With Twitter offering a platform for school business professionals, Hilary Goldsmith charts the evolution of the SBL

Open evenings: get ready for the show

Forget the return of ‘Strictly’, says Hilary Goldsmith – the school open evening is where you’ll see real showmanship

In 2018, what does the typical SBL look like?

The last 20 years has brought great changes to the profession. So, in 2018, what does the typical school business professional look like, asks Hilary Goldsmith

My advice for women in education? Your voice is valid

One school business manager discusses how she found her voice and calls on female school leaders to follow suit

Whitehall has created a narrative of 'wasteful schools'

Schools will not squander increased funding. Unless by squandering you mean re-employing the TAs we've fired and choosing experienced teachers rather than NQTs

GCSE results: 'Is this the best we can do for pupils?'

We nurture pupils for years and their fate is decided in the time it takes to rip open an envelope, says Hilary Goldsmith

DefCon AirCon: Surviving the heatwave as a SBL

With the temperature soaring over 30 degrees in places, air conditioning can feel like a lifesaver. Hilary Goldsmith explains why it's not an option for some schools

Book Review: The School Fundraising Handbook

Its title is a bit of a misnomer – but this book still offers an abundance of tips and ideas, writes Hilary Goldsmith

Would you treat pupils the way you treat support staff?

Most who work in schools aren't teachers – but their representation in the sector is abysmal, writes Hilary Goldsmith

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