365 days - day 12

Tweeny weeny little blog today because I've just got home after being away since Tuesday morning and I need to spend some time with, and clean up after, my kids.

They've got used to me being away now and just stack up a list of the other's wrongdoings for me to consider and pass judgement on when I return. It works well because they still feel heard and vindicated, and I don't have to endure the screeching and haranguing that happens at the time of the alleged offence. It's a bit Judge Rinder, but it has its merits. Today's list of crimes were :

1. Using the other one's X Box controller without permission

2. Hogging the trampoline

3. Bouncing too near the bushes so that leaves fell onto the trampoline

4. Failing to remove said leaves from said trampoline, thus leafing (sorry) it in a messy state for the next user.

5. Drinking all of the Capri Suns

6. Wearing the same clothes as yesterday and smelling funny.

All cases have been discussed and settled without custodial sentences and we appear to be settled back into our normal routines again. I am surrounded by dogs and cats, I have been fed, and husband is outside hunting for chocolate. Not in a caveman way, armed with a slingshot, trekking through the south downs in search of small scurrying brown choco creatures, although I wish that were the case, but looking for any small nugget of confectionery that the children might not have found.

I've caught up with all the GCSE results and cheered on all the wonderful success stories, although there's been a distinct lack of levitating jumping teens this year. But I know, as a previous statistician, that it's just not possible for everyone to have done better than ever before, despite what you might read on twitter, so I'm sending thoughts to the quiet households this evening and hoping they're doing okay too.

I heard some wonderful news about a school that was close to my heart which closed this summer, but which still managed to do the very best by its students in their final year, and pull some fantastic results out of the bag. It touched my heart and proved that it only takes one inspirational leader to ignite a flame, even in the darkest of circumstances, and that sheer hard work and unfailing belief in young people really can make extraordinary things happen.

Cheers x

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