365 days - day 18

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

I really can't even begin to process my thoughts on the state of our democratic process tonight and I fear that if I start writing about it I may never stop. So I'm going to stick my fingers in my ears and sing "la la la" until someone or something takes control of this utter clusterfuck of a government and ends it, one way or another.

In other, not-entirely-unrelated news, the weather seems to have hopped onto a ferry on a last minute late holiday deal, leaving the rest of us to skulk around in a murky gloom for the last few days of our holidays, feeling a bit cheated. But at least it gives us the chance to get a good night's sleep, enjoy a roast dinner and enjoy a decent cup of tea. I've missed tea these last couple of weeks, only managing one a day before the temperature hit the 20s, and an iffy thryoid made me switch to watermelon slush to keep my core body temperature below boiling point.

But now hot tea is back on the menu and I'm delighted. I've been trying those new cold tea infusion thingummies over the summer, and they're not bad if you need a refreshing drink but come on, it's not proper tea, is it? And anyway, I put my infusion cold water shaky bottle thing in the dishwasher and now it looks like a year 2's freestyle pottery ashtray.

So I'm sat here, on the sofa, blogging, with a cup of earl grey at my side and it feels safe. Like an anchor in a galactic maelstrom that I can cling to whilst the world loses its mind. But in amongst the egos and power games of our political leaders, there is something that gives me great hope. Real everyday people are taking to the streets to protest at what they see as an affront to our democratic system and, whatever your views on Brexit or Boris, you have to applaud and be thankful that our society will stand up and protest when it needs to, that it can protest peacefully and respectfully, and that when we really need it, social media is a wonderful way of connecting and creating a collective voice and consciousness for our community.

And for that, I'm deeply grateful.

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