365 days - day 2

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Spent the day working from home today, which isn't the first time for me by any means, but it's the first time I've worked at home during the school holidays, and that certainly mixed things up a bit.

Usually, working from home means I have complete silence and peace to crack on with loads of things, with only the occasional dog snore to disturb me. Today, I've got a husband and 2 teens to contend with. I spent the morning attempting to educate them in homeworking etiquette, and I explained to my son that I was technically at work and that, rather than demand toast and attention, he should pretend that I wasn't there. He took me at my word, danced around in his pants and had cheese and onion crisps for breakfast.

Daughter was much better behaved and left me alone completely. In fact she took it as far as to refuse to respond to my enquiries as to how the heck she'd managed run up a £30 itunes bill on my bank account. She was helping me stay focused on my work, apparently. God bless her. And the 30 dog walks she's now got to do to pay off her debts.

Husband, in solidarity, decided to join me at the table and work on some household paperwork, so we could 'be together'. Unfortunately, this show of conscious coupledom extended to him sharing the detail of every bill and letter he opened out loud, along with the expectation that I would proof and spellcheck his emails, on an immediate ad hoc basis. After about 15 minutes of our trial partnership working, I sacked him. He sulked off to the living room and proceeded to sing Jim Reeves songs mournfully through the double doors, in an attempt at disillusioned retribution. Sigh.

But anyway, in the end I did get loads done, including 2 loads of washing, unloading the dishwasher and unpacking the shopping, in my lunchbreak. Lunchbreaks never really make it in a homeworking scenario, do they? Ho hum, at least I didn't have to go far for a sandwich.

And then, just as my mind was tempted to wander off to dream of beach holidays and brood over the unfairness of working in August, I got pinged a photo of my friend's family on holiday, huddled under umbrellas in shorts whilst the heavens unleashed the storms of hell upon them. And then I felt better again.


H xx

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