365 days - day 21

I am pooped. I've done nothing of any great merit other than fart around with twitter and the website, but ta-da! I have given birth to a new thing. SBL Connect is alive and kicking and already starting to connect people. Hurrah!

I'm not going to go on about it on here, but it you're interested, read about it here:

You can also follow the new account on Twitter @SBLconnect

I'm not 100% sure how it's going to work yet, what it's going to include or how much value it's going to be, but I'm very proud of it. I especially like the new logo, which my daughter helped me make, so even if none of the links work and no one uses it, the logo makes me happy.

I'd be really keen to hear your feedback, or to know if you've got any ideas about content or the types of things we could do with it, so do let me know. So far I'm thinking it could be used for one-to-one networking, for regional groups to promote their work and their recruit new members, and for organisations to promote details of events and conferences that they have coming u which might be of interest to the SBL community.

It won't be an advertising space though, just a central place to collect networking opportunities and events and to share ideas on how to we can work together to support each other.

Oh, I also found this Buy Me A Coffee site the other day, or another blog, where you can make a small contribution to the content writers of blogs or websites you really like, so I set one of those up to. I bought a coffee for a young autistic blogger the other day, just as a way of saying thank you to him for spending his time explaining how his world works, for those of us who are keen to understand. It was just a small token, but I hope it let him know he was valued.

Anyway, it's here should anyone want to make a contribution.

In other news, actually, there isn't any other news, other than the fact that I just had to do that thing with the toaster where you put a hot cross bun in and have to flick it up really quickly to grab the bun half before it falls back in again. There were 4 halves of bun, and I beat the toaster 3:1. And whilst that's technically a win, I now have to turn the toaster upside down to retrieve a rogue sultana, and we all know that will result in a volume of crumbs equivalent to a Vesuvial eruption and crumbs in places that shoudl never have crumbs.

Maybe I'll stick a Do Not Use sign on the toaster and save it till the morning? Or maybe not.

See you tomorrow peeps.

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