365 days - day 30

There's a sense of gloom and mild misery on Twitter today, and it seems like the start of term excitement has worn off and the reality of September has kicked in. Summer has truly dumped us, it's cold, it's wet, and it's Monday. And now we've said hello again to everyone at work and caught up with all the gossip, we realise the budget hasn't fixed itself over the summer, that really annoying colleague is still really, really annoying, no one has magically learnt how to put the mugs into the staffroom dishwasher and the Site Team are sulking because no one has remembered to thank them for their summer work.

Reality is back, and it's harsh. The metaphorical crap of last year hasn't gone away and, despite the promise of gazillions of cash for schools, we all know that we're probably at least 2 Prime Ministers and at least 5 Education Secretaries away from seeing any actual money.

So life for the School Business Leader might well be a bit bleak this week. Everyone has come back to school full of exiting ideas and plans, new colleagues are keen to make an impression and everything is fizzing with freshness and vitality. Action plans are being drawn up, lists are being written and expectations are high. But the business leader knows all too well that all of these things cost money, and very soon they're going to have to start disappointing people again, saying no and being the bad guys. It's OK, we're used to it, but it would have been nice to have enjoyed the sparkle for a little bit longer.

But hey, it's fine, this is our time to shine. To make something out of nothing, to create and implement fantastic ideas and innovation through creativity and vision. We're really, really good at that. And if the situations outside of our control means we can't do the big, grand show-stopping things this year, that doesn't mean we can't perform 100 other minor miracles instead.

So grab your magic wands and your fairy dust, and let's get sprinkling.

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