365 days - day 8

Hurrah, I have completed a week on my 52 week, 365 day blogging challenge. I don't really know why I'm doing this, but I must want to, because I kind of look forward to it now. It's a developing beast, still unsure of it's final form, but it seems to be becoming a brain bump of my day, with the dull and the dangerous bits taken out for both of our protection.

Today I am very, very up north, with my daughter and a very, very large bear called Susan. We have travelled far today, the three of us, on a epic road trip from the very south of england to what feels like it's most northerly point, but actually isn't by any means. But we are southerners, so anything above Birmingham is Mordor territory to us. But we are arrived, safely settled in our hotel room fighting over the wifi and the best bed. I won, because Riders of Size demand beds of size, and because I brought the dongle with me, so don't have to accept the dripping tap torture of Premier Inn's free wifi.

Susan? Oh, Susan is a large very bear who was smuggled into the car without my knowledge this morning, and is one of the very few things that daughter brought with her. Apparently Susan is an essential for an overnight stay. Toothbrushes, hairbrushes and clean clothes are not it seems, but luckily I had already packed those. This is Susan:

She's bloody enormous, but so far she's been a unassuming and quietly reassuring presence in the car. Getting her past the hotel reception without having to pay an additional guest surcharge was a result, but I just tucked her under my arm and brazened it out with only a few second glances from other guests. Daughter, of course, Susan's legal and moral keeper, was skulking in the corner with headphones on, pretending not to know me. Apparently the responsibilities of bear ownership are all very well until it comes to declaring you bear affiliation in public. Then you get your mum to do it.

Anyway we're safely ensconced in our cave now, and Susan has taken up a guardian position on the windowsill, to deter would-be intruders or mad axe murderers. Which is always handy.

Our journey up was mainly uneventful, and consisted of lots of loud singing, bad jokes and the occasional quiet contemplative moment (whilst daughter and Susan had a nap). We punctuated our journey with a quick drop in to the Cadbury World gift shop and cafe (Susan waited in the car), but skipped the factory tour. We have a very honest and frank mother/daughter relationship and, after a brief without-prejudice conversation, we came quickly to the conclusion that the ticket price to walk round a chocolate factory would be far better spent in the purchase of chocolate related goods and products instead. So we did.

We have a thing (all families have their own unique travel games) where we rate road junctions design by their illustration on the sat nav. Perfect figure 8s and examples of symmetry in complex motorway intersectioning score highly, but today? Today our game took a new slant. Somewhere between Edgbaston and Liverpool we came across this, a road junction designed to look like a uterus:

Of course this is a complete game changer, and we are now wholly bent on finding new examples of highways design that resemble part of human anatomy. We can't wait for the long journey home tomorrow.

Do let us know if you spot any, with screen shots if possible. We'll be building up something of a scrapbook over the coming months, I'm sure.

Anyway, I'm off. Apparently Susna is choosing out evening movie, so I'd better go before they pinch all the popcorn.

Bon voyage.

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