What is SBL Connect?

@SBLconnect is here to connect School Business Leaders together. We know that isolation is an important issue for the SBL community so we want to find ways of putting people and groups in touch with each other in an informal and supportive way. SBL Connect is a place to find a local connection, make contact with a regional group or find out about local or national conferences or meetings.

How does it work?

Twitter is a busy place and timelines move quickly. If you're a busy SBL, you might struggle to keep up with everything that's going on. SBL Connect can help. If you follow the @SBLconnect account, or use the #SBLconnect hashtag, you'll quickly be able to find other school business professionals who are looking to connect professional.

Use the #sblconnect hashtag on Twitter, or tweet or tag @sblconnect to share details of network groups, meetings or conferences. Or, if you're a #SBL or #SBM looking to connect with others, @ us & we'll retweet your post.

How do I join in?

If you're an individual, looking to connect with others, just tweet us with your location and we will retweet your post to all our followers.

If you run a regional group, tweet us with your group handle, group name and  location and we'll report your tweet to let others know you're out there.

If you're an organisation hosting a conference or event, tag us or @ us and we'll retweet the details.

If we can, we'll try and match you up with the right people, but we're hoping that the magic of twitter will do the work for us. Remember to use the #SBLconnect hashtag to we can find all your tweets.

How can I help?

To make SBL Connect a success, join in! Tweet us, re-tweet us, use the hashtag and let people know that we're here.


Everything that SBL Connect does happens because people care enough to generate content in their own time, out of the goodness of their heart. If you'd like to make a small contribution to support our work, you can buy us a coffee or a piece of cake here:   


How did it start?

SBL connect started in August 2019 after Hilary Goldsmith wanted to do something to support isolated SBLs. She decided to issue a challenge to other school business leaders to connect with one other colleague in an effort to connect people.


Here's the story:

 @sbl365 on twitter: 

Isolation is a huge issue for the #SBL community so why don't we start a new challenge, to connect with a local SBL you don't already know & arrange a mutual visit? It's excellent CPD & always useful to visit other schools, & often something we don't make time to do. #SBLconnect

It might only be a couple of hours, but the chance to see how others operate, talk through common issues, locally & nationally, or just connect professionally & get out of the office, is a great opportunity. #SBLconnect

So the #SBLconnect challenge is to use the #sbltwittermap or any other method, to find another SBL & make contact to arrange a visit. The other need is to do it soon, before term kicks off & you get sucked into not prioritising yourself. The map is here:

SBL Twittermap

If you're not on the map, and want to be, fill out the form here, and you'll be added within the next 24 hours (our techno-hamsters are busy creatures). It's a great resource, so encourage others to add themselves too. #SBLconnect

Add your name to the SBL Twittermap here:

My personal theme & challenge for the new year is Networking & Collaboration'. You might also call it 'keeping each other afloat'. It would be great to have you onboard & to continue to develop the power of #SBLtwitter to support each other. #nauticalpuns #SBLconnect #SBLsupport

If anyone is already on the map and needs to update their details or their location, please message the fabulous @SBL_StAnnesWSM. If you're new to #sbltwitter, you can read more about the #sbltwittermap here:

SBLs on Twitter

I've just created an account called @SBLconnect, so don't worry if you get a random follow, it's me. We will be able use #SBLconnect & @SBLconnect to share info on network meetings, to hook up or to share collaboration ideas. Watch this space (when I have worked out what to do)

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